Mohsen Hazrati graduated in 2012 with a BA in graphic design from Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education, minoring in new media and digital art, where he was also acted as a teachers’ asistant. His works focus on digital culture, new-aesthetic and the integration of these two issues into the Shirazi culture and have been exhibited in Transfer and Babycastles Gallery - New York, Matchbox Gallery - Texas, V-Gallery Tehran etc. Since 2013, in collaboration with MiladForouzande, he has been the co-founder and curator of “Dar-AlHokoomeh Project”; a new media art project and activity based in Shiraz,Iran. In 2016, Mohsen began lecturing as an assistant professor in his alma mater, teaching Digital Aesthetics and VFX courses. In 2017, Mohsen was invited as one of the guest speakers on the “Mollasadra St” episode of TEDx video series.

Selected Exhibitions/Shows:

2018 - CARP THEORY, A 3 person exhibition at Transfer Gallery Curated by Irina V Makarova at ALT ESC, New York, USA
2018 - The Wrong, First Iranian Embassy of the wrong biennale, Dastan: Outside, Tehran
2015 - Private digital art show in collaboration with dastan gallery, Ariana Gallery, Tehran
2017 - tres_W digital art exhibition, Zaragoza, Spain
2017 - Interactive installation, Shiraz urban events, Shiraz
2016 - Matchbox Gallery x FELT ZINE .GIF Show, Houston, Texas, USA
2016 - Interactive Actuators, Curated by d.a.h project and Mani Nilchiani, Shiraz
2015 - AP<P>ART Project New Media exhibition Curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Myriam Vanneschi, Babycastles Gallery, New York, USA
2015 - at The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial curated by Morehshin Allahyari, Noisebridge, San Francisco, USA
2014 - AP<P>ART Project New Media exhibition Curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Myriam Vanneschi, Darbast Platform Mohsen Gallery, Tehran
2014 -Gifbites Project, By Daniel Rourke , Gray Area Art + Technology, San Francisco, USA
2014 - Gifbites, Gif and Sound Exhibition, Shiraz artist's gallery and Yazd Contemporary arts gallery
2013 - Le lointain de pres group poster exhibition, Maison de la Culture, Belgium
2013 - First international Invitation poster festival, Dumlupinar University, Kütahya, Türkiye
2013 - 10th Festival image of the year, Iranian Artists forum, Tehran
2012 - 12th Mexico international Poster biennale, Querétaro, Mexico
2012 - Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee, Moscow, Russia
2012 - 10th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan
2012 - 5th China international Poster biennale, Hangzhou , China
2012 - Persbook Art Competition, , Iranian Artists forum, Tehran
2012 - 3th Festival of All the city Artists, Vesal art Gallary, Shiraz
2012 -Everyday life! Contemporary art exhibition, Vesal art Gallary, Shiraz
2011 - Nominated in CG Architect 3D award 2011 realtime presentation category, Spain
2011 - 9 th Festival image of the year, Iranian Artists forum, Tehran
2011 - 4th Fadjr international festival of Visual arts, Saba Institute of Culture and Art, Tehran
2011 - Pumpage! logo Exhibition, Vesal gallery, Shiraz
2011 - 1th Festival of All the city Artists, Vesal art Gallary, Shiraz
2010 - 4th World Biennial of Student Poster, Serbia

Selected Curatorial Projects:

2018 - Co-Curator at D.A.H.Project for The first Iranian Embassy and Pavilion of The wrong new digital art biennale Sponsored by Goethe Institute, Folder Foundation, Dr. Hashemi Tari Clinic, Alin Clothing, Aassttiinn, Artmart hosted by Dastan: Outside, Tehran, Iran
2018 - Co-Curator at D.A.H.Project for Private Digital art show in collaboration with Dastan: Outside hosted by Ariana Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 - - Co-Curator at D.A.H.Project for Erik Axel Eggeling Show Sponsored by Folder Foundation and Sarv-e-Naaz Gallery, Shiraz
2017 - Co-Curator at DAHProjectAR (augmented reality) Project for NODE17 Forum for Digital Arts, Sponsored by Goethe institute and Folder Foundation Frankfurt, Germany
2017 – Co-Curator at D.A.H.Project for LAB #1 exhibition, Exhibition of Shiraz art institute of higher education students, in collaboration with Austrian cultural foundation and TADAEX festival, Sarv-e-Naaz Gallery, Shiraz
2017 – Co-Founder of LAB Project, A project to improve local new media art young potentials, Shiraz
2015 - 2016 – Co-Curator at D.A.H.Project for Vesal art Gallery at Shiraz for the events:
--- January 2016 - Gifbites, Gif and Sound Exhibition by Daniel Rourke
--- February 2016 - Nothing of this is ours, Game art project by Alex myers
--- February 2016 - Alferedo Salazar-Caro's selected video artworks
--- March 2016 - COLLECTED LOOPS, Selected loop videos of Peter Burr
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